Where is the Lamasco Neighborhood?
Where is the Lamasco Neighborhood?

The Lamasco Neighborhood is located one block south of Renew Christian Church. The Borders of the Lamasco Neighborhood are:

• Maryland Avenue (to the north)
• St. Joseph Avenue (to the west)
• W. Lloyd Expressway (to the south)
• Pigeon Creek (to the east)

How can I be part of Love Lamasco?

Jesus set an example of how ministry could look when He left the comforts of Heaven and came to earth to live among us. We believe the first step of ministry for Renew is to follow Jesus’ example and BE PRESENT in the places and with the people God has called us to love. Here are some examples of ways YOU can be present in the Lamasco Neighborhood.

• Spend time in a neighborhood park.
• Walk down a residential street.
• Eat lunch at a local restaurant.
• Participate in neighborhood events.
• Greet neighbors with a smile or wave.
• Drive down a residential street.
• Spend time shopping at the business.
• Visit Franklin Lanes with your friends.
• Prayer Walk around a neighborhood block.
• Take to so say high to neighbors you meet.
• Enjoy time with your family at the library.

Find Out More about why we Love Lamasco

and about the neighborhoods history and residents at either of these websites.

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